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ALA headquarters staff have been continually updating our Coronavirus Response webpage with new information regarding public health, business continuity, remote work, and more. Make sure to check back often. Here's some of what you can find there:

  • Public health guidelines from the CDC and WHO
  • Emerging federal employment and benefits regulations
  • Crisis planning documents
  • Tips from ALA business partners

If you or anyone in the legal management community are looking for information on how to prepare for and manage this fluid situation, please check out the following:

ALA's Coronavirus Resource page

Frontline Managed Services

Hilltop: Tips on Working Efficiently and Safely From Home.

BYOD – Bring/Use Your Own Device Policies (COVID-19)

Tempting as it may be, BYOD does not mean “Bring Your Own Drink.” It means Bring Your Own Device and it is a practice that many businesses are employing now that so many employees are working from home during the current pandemic.  Check out this great information about ways to manage the “new normal.”  And when you’re done with your workday, help yourself to that drink.  (Read more)

Work From Home Productivity (From an Employer Perspective):

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Shelter in place.  These are the phrases we’ve been hearing repeatedly over the past several months.  Another way to be safe during this pandemic has been – for people who are fortunate enough – is to work from home. Here is some helpful information for employers and employees to set themselves up for success and work productively from home.  (Read more).


With the unfolding global pandemic, this crisis is causing everyone to rethink how to prepare for the uncertainty ahead. The impact on the global economy has forced organizations in every industry— including our own—to flex and evolve, both in real-time and in the long-term.

 In this time of flux, here are a few Gensler resources as you prepare for the new realities in a post-COVID world.

Design responds to a changing world

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Gensler’s Dialogue page offers a collection of tips, thoughts, and strategies on how design can play a role in making the world a healthier place. Be sure to check out Gensler’s Global Workplace Leader Janet Pogue’s post “What Happens When We Return to the Workplace?” which was referenced in a New York Times article on the future of the workplace in the wake of COVID-19. 

Working From Home (WFH) Best Practices

In a matter of weeks, this public health crisis has drastically changed the way we work. It has forced us to embrace a new reality rooted in working from home and virtual interactions with our clients and colleagues. According to Gensler Research Institute, a well-designed workplace is still the place that people want to be. Gensler’s Workplace Leaders are hosting webinars to clients and companies on how to apply the best practices of the corporate workplace to create a great workplace at home. 

Workplace Performance Index (WPI℠) Work from Home (WFH) survey

During these unprecedented times, it’s important to check-in with your distributed workforce and gather insights to help inform planning for the future. Gensler's WPI WFH survey is a proprietary diagnostic tool to measure workplace effectiveness, employee experience, and insights for the post-COVID-19 return to the office. It is the ideal discovery tool to give all your employees a voice in how they work and what they value.


With the uncertain world that we currently live in and cleanliness/ sanitization being at the forefront of everyone's minds, there are precautions that can be taken to alleviate anxiety upon returning to office environments.  

We at ADC are recommending that everyone have a thorough, detailed cleaning prior to reopening offices and other places of business. This would include cleaning and sanitizing carpet and hard surfaces that are considered 'high touch' such as doorknobs, desk and table tops, chair arms, etc.  

We stringently follow the CDC guidelines with regard to safety and sanitization for COVID-19.  We use EPA approved disinfectants to sanitize treated surfaces.  For more information on how we can help you prepare to return to your office, please contact Meghan Dunn at

Tabush Group:  

Tabush Group is offering ALA Capital Chapter members Boxtop with No Onboarding Fees for the rest of the year!  We are here to help simplify your firm’s IT and answer any tech questions you might have:


 Webinar Replays

Keno Kozie Associates


Does your association need to drive more revenue?

 "How to Promote and Lead a Powerful Webinar" is now online. You can watch it again or share with a friend by clicking here. 


MCI is here for you during these unprecedented times. For more tools to help you succeed, visit our Coronavirus Resources page.


Baker Tilly

Below are links to articles from Baker Tilly about a variety of COVID-19 related information.


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP):

Fraud Risk:

3 Payroll credits explained:

Employer Retention Credit:

Family First Response Act:

State and Local Tax Updates – individual, business and sales and use tax filing extensions

COVID-19 benefit coordination matrix:

Business recovery assessment tool:

Other various information to help with managing business operations around COVID-19:

Robert Half Legal 

With much of the world's workforce operating out of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, managers must adapt to managing, even hiring and onboarding employees, without ever being in the same room with them. This presentation provides insights on keeping employees engaged, maintaining morale, and bringing new staff to your team, all from a distance.

Following this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the role of technology when managing a remote workforce
  • Implement a cadence of communication to employees through various channels
  • Navigate an all-remote recruiting process
  • Utilize best practices for onboarding off-site worker

Loeb Leadership

The Resilience Toolkit:

How to Maintain Balance During the Coronavirus:  The purpose of this remote learning is to provide the remote employee with tips, tricks, and guidance to help them productively work from home. It covers: How to dress; Setting your schedule and developing a routine; Finding the right environment; Maintaining communication; Adopting the right tools; Creating boundaries between work and personal life; More tips and strategies to work from home:

Legal Placements

Optimal Networks

Webinar Recordings

3-Part Series: Adjusting to Extended Remote Work (Security, Operations, Engagement)

Deep Dive into Teleworking Securely (30-Minute Awareness Training for Attorneys and Staff) 



Resource Pages


Working from Home:

Carr Maloney 

Office Movers Express

As the office environment continue to evolve during the COVID age, you and your team are likely faced with the task of making furniture and workstation adjustments to encourage social distancing and safe work practices.

Office Movers Express (OMX) can assist with any of the below services related to social distancing practices being implemented by your firm: 

  • Reconfiguration of existing furniture
  • Procurement and installation of office divider solutions, cubicle panels, partitions, desk wraps, and table screens
  • Packing, moving and storing of any unneeded furniture to create additional space or lease-ending purposes
  • Disconnect, move and reconnect any desktop technology
  • Complete office sanitization prior to employee RTO
  • Installation of wayfinding decals
  • “No Contact” deliveries to/from private residences

 Please visit our COVID Social Distancing Support Services landing page for more info or call us at 301-201-0890.

TriBridge Partners

EAPs -- Their Crucial Role During COVID-19

Well-designed and thoughtfully communicated Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) can provide significant benefits to both employees and employers. Perhaps now is a good time to re-evaluate your current program to ensure that your organization is making the best use of this important benefit, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Research shows a clear correlation between behavioral health issues, attendance, and employee productivity.  Moreover, when an individual is experiencing a personal issue outside of work, it often spills over and has a direct influence on other employees' productivity and morale, thus causing a potentially negative workplace environment. Employees that don't receive care and guidance have significant potential to increase health care costs.

On a positive note, a well-implemented EAP can provide critical benefits to both employees and employers.  EAPs materially contribute to the overall well-being of your employees and a robust, well-utilized EAP can save an employer significant dollars with regard to mental health claims, ER visits, and medical/pharmacy claims.

There are three challenges to address when it comes to EAPs: 

  • Stigma -- improving but still faces huge hurdles
  • Awareness -- most employees/employers are not well-versed in mental health education
  • Access -- many psychiatrists do not take health insurance, creating an undue burden for employees

While some individuals with documented mental health or substance abuse issues may regularly utilize the service of an EAP, many of those with temporary setbacks in life are hesitant to reach out for assistance.  If employees view the EAP as something that is only available for issues on the severe end of the spectrum, they may not reach out in the earlier stages when it is possible to address issues before they escalate.  This results in low-utilization rates which can create the false notion that EAPs have very little value in the workplace, with very little ROI for employers. 

Thankfully, employers have recognized the need to move away from this apathetic mindset, acknowledging the need for behavioral health services in the workplace far beyond a generic poster with a 1-800 number.  Mental health and substance abuse benefits are now on par in terms of the cost structure as physical health benefits; employers are recognizing the need to provide services to assist in earlier problem detection, eased access to quality providers that take insurance, and effective communication campaigns that create greater awareness and facilitate an empathetic environment in regard to workplace support.

Today, those organizations that position and embrace mental health benefits as part of an overall health and wellness plan will realize long-term benefits from both corporate culture and financial perspective.  Management acceptance and their knowledge of how to effectively use EAPs are critical.  Supervisors who are supportive of seeking assistance for personal issues help normalize this process, creating greater well-being for a company's greatest asset -- their employees.

EAPs are structured in so many different ways for Employers.  Many of our clients aren’t aware of the EAPs that they may currently have embedded in their medical, life, or disability plans.  Please call us if you’d like to have a discussion of what is currently available in your program and if or when it might make sense to institute some enhancements. We are happy to help provide clarity for this important benefit and how you can maximize or enhance your current EAP offerings. 

All-State Legal

While ALL-STATE LEGAL prides ourselves on our engraving/printing services and legal supplies, we understand the urgent need for health and wellness items for both short and long term strategies as you plan to reopen your offices. 

We have several solutions to save your firm time and effort for needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning/sanitizing supplies.  A couple are detailed below.  Pricing, availability and turnaround time change daily due to current demand and will need to be confirmed at time of order. 

Option 1 – Employee Health & Wellness Kits

A pre-packaged kit with hand sanitizer, masks and gloves. There is a minimum of 250 kits and pre-payment is required to order the product from the factories.  Learn more here: 

Option 2 – Bulk Orders for PPE for the Firm Stockroom environment

Individual hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and other PPE. Pre-payment is required to order the product from the factories. 

View items here:

Branded masks: 

Total Document Solutions, Inc.

As law firms rethink on-site operations, TDS offers scalable resources to work on-site as essential personnel to support remote workers during these ever-changing times. Outsourcing back office functions with TDS offers flexibility while enhancing operational efficiency with subject matter expertise. In addition, firms are accelerating their move towards electronic records management to minimize paper and reduce real estate footprint. TDS is ready to partner. Our records professionals will work on-site and/or off-site digitizing your most active records, so information can be securely accessed from any location. Reach out to Jennifer Graham to learn more at 703-771-6307 ext. 302 or read more here.


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