CLM Information

The Association of Legal Administrators offers a voluntary certification program in order to provide legal administrators an opportunity to demonstrate a command of the core areas of knowledge essential to the effective performance of the principal administrator.

Areas which will be addressed include financial management and accounting, human resources management and development, office services and information systems management, and trends in the legal industry. Eligibility criteria include education, work experience, endorsement of the ALA Code of Ethics, and the administrator must be employed full-time by a qualifying law office or court system.



The Cyber Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators is pleased to announce the “Online CLM Study Group”. Many ALA members and current CLMs took advantage of our first Online CLM Study Group and found it very helpful as they prepared for the exam. Many participants in the first group credit our Online CLM Study Group with their success.

We are now up and running with our second “Online Study CLM Group”. The advantages of participation in Cyber Chapter’s Online CLM Study Group is that participants can set their own pace, access the materials anywhere they have an internet connection and study at times that are most convenient for them. Materials are available in PDF format. Audio files can be downloaded to computer, transferred to CD, iPod, iPad or other device/media as the student desires.Click here for more information.