Cancellation Policy


The Capital Chapter prides itself on providing high-quality events and programs, at no additional cost to our members. Your annual membership dues include unlimited access to Chapter events and programs throughout the year, many of which include meals, speakers, and giveaways.

Having an accurate picture of projected attendance for Chapter events is essential for a successful event and effectively utilizing Chapter resources. The number of registered attendees is used to reserve event space, order meals, purchase supplies, and make other arrangements necessary to ensure that everyone in attendance is comfortable and able to participate fully in the event or program.

Over the past year as we returned to in-person events, we’ve noticed a steady increase in last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Since contracts with venues are secured in advance, these cancellations and no-shows waste valuable Chapter resources that your membership dues help to fund. Business Partners (whose support funds the majority of the programs and events the Chapter hosts throughout the year) and Speakers are also impacted when actual attendance is below registration numbers.

The prevalence of this issue, and need to be good stewards of Chapter resources, has resulted in Chapter leadership reverting back to the cancellation policy that was put in place in 2017, but was suspended during the COVID period. Effective February 10, 2023, a $25 fee will be accrued for no-shows and cancellations for in-person events unless otherwise communicated by 5:00 PM the day before the event begins. We understand that emergencies sometimes occur, and it is impossible to leave your office, thus a one-time emergency exemption will be granted. After that, all last-minute cancellations or no-shows will be assessed the fee. All events subject to this policy will be labeled as such in the online event registration system.

We thank you for your commitment to the Chapter and look forward to seeing you at upcoming Chapter events.

Business Partners

The event invitations included in your sponsorship are a valuable tool - attending Capital Chapter events is a great way to network with members and make connections that can help your business be successful. In order to make the most of your allotted invitations, please keep in mind that event invitations are used at point of registration, not point of attendance. If you must cancel your registration for an event, please do so 48 hours in advance. If the cancellation policy is followed, your event invitation will be returned to you. If you need to cancel less than 48 hours before an event, consider making a substitution rather than cancelling to avoid losing your ticket.

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