1st Quarter Community Service Initiative: Martha's Table Food Drive!

The Chapter is pleased to support Martha’s Table for a second year as our 1st quarter community service initiative. The ALACC is organizing a week-long drive to support Martha’s Table in distributing sandwiches, muffins and trail mix to families in need, including hundreds of homeless men and women. Every night, these fresh food items are distributed on McKenna’s Wagon, their mobile food truck.

Please invite your colleagues to participate in providing much needed assistance to the DC community.

Which law firms (and Business Partners!) have the biggest heart? Offices will be selected at the conclusion of the food drive challenge to be featured in the March newsletter.

When: This food drive will take place between February 26th and March 2nd

Where: All activities are conducted in your office and organized by the ALA member at the firm

How: Each firm will select a specific activity (more information below) that they would like to participate in with this food drive. Once an activity is selected, complete this commitment form so the ALACC Community Service Team can coordinate our commitments with Martha's Table.

Activities - Choose an activity for your firm to complete:

#1. Prepare sandwich bags with trail mix made from whole wheat/grain cereal, nuts, and dried fruit without added sugar

#2. Prepare whole wheat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and/or meat & cheese sandwiches

#3. Prepare healthy homemade muffins

Food Donation Instructions: Check out Martha's Table's guide on how to organize your food donation event. Each firm will deliver their food items to Martha's Table on the agreed-upon day of their activity.

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